Venue: Zoom Virtual or Chinese Arts and Culture Centre (On-site)
Date: 15th Sept 2024
Time: 10am - 4pm  

Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong is a system created by one of China's most respected Qigong Masters., Professor Zhang Guangde. This system is a fantastic Medical / Longevity Qigong exercise system.

Daoyin Bao Jian Gong / Dao Yin for General Health is a comprehensive set of exercises for improving one's muscle tones, bone density, joint mobility, and enhanced energy flow.

This workshop is conducted by Master Tary Yip, a long-term practitioner, and teacher of Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong. He has obtained invaluable guidance from Professor Zhang Guangde.

This is an exercise set, that could help

  • Improve one's fitness, and physical and spiritual health
  • help combat various health conditions.
  • good for arthritis, osteoporosis, muscular problems, lungs, heart deficiency, etc.

This training workshop could form part of the certification module on these forms for Deyin Instructors. There will be a further weekend of updates and assessments for interested Deyin Instructors to get certified to teach this form. (The date will be confirmed at the end of the weekend)

Deyin member /  Instructor - £75.00
Non-Member - £95.00

Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB
Chinese Culture Centre Unit E4, Stafford Park 15 Telford, Shropshire TF3 3BB

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Daoyin Baojian Gong- Dao Yin Health Preservation Exercise
15th September 2024
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