Date: 09/08/24 - 10/08/24
Address: Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Lilleshall, Newport, TF10 9AT

Deyin Retreat CPD/Revalidation (suitable for: Deyin/BHQA instructors only)

This is a great opportunity for qualified instructors who are due or overdue for their CPD and revalidation for the forms below:

Friday 9th August:
Tai Ji Kung Fu Fan 1st routine 
Health Qigong Five Animals Frolics
Tai Ji Sabre

Saturday 10th August:
Sun Style Sword (Compact form)
24 Step Taiji Quan (all levels)
Health Qigong Tai Ji Stick

Instructors have the option of taking one form on each day. Please note CPD needs to be a full day, so you cannot jump from one day to another.

Please do not miss this opportunity to bring your CPD and revalidation up to date.

It is vital for instructors to fulfil their obligations by completing the required biannual CPD & revalidation, which is designed to help to update and improve their teaching standards on the forms hence, your certification to teach the form will not be affected.

£95 - one day
£180 - two days

(Fees are for training only, not including accommodation and meals).

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Deyin Retreat CPD/Revalidation
8th - 11th August 2024
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