Our Website Cookies Policy

Our Website Cookies Policy

We Do Not Track Your Activity

Cookies are the primary means by which a website can store data on your device. This data can then be retrieved by the website host, normally as you move from one page to another. The intention of cookies was to enable smoother and more interactive website experiences. Unfortunately, they can also be used for all sorts of more questionable activities, like closely monitoring and storing your website activity.

This Website
This website uses 'cookies' only for ease of navigation between pages, and to store any personal display settings and preferences.

The website does not store your website activity in any way that links to your personal identity, other than a timestamp when a member of our organisation logs in or out of the members or admin area, and then only to help identify occasional logging in problems.

Stored preferences are kept as cookies for no more than 30 days after the last visit, after which all user preferences revert to the default settings.

Session Cookie
A special cookie called a 'session cookie' is also generated as you enter the site. A session cookie stores automatically generated code that can be accessed by the server as a web page loads. Data stored here is only to help provide rapid and easy interaction with the various event booking forms, membership renewal forms and logged-in member pages. Activity is not monitored or stored, and the session cookie on this site is deleted when you close your browser.

Any new cookies added to the website will only be done in accordance with the above policy.